Detective Comics #31

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #31 - Batman Versus The Vampire: Part One released by DC Comics on September 1939.

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    1. Batman - Batman vs. The Vampire: Part 1 (originally untitled) - While prowling the streets of New York City, Batman discovers his fiance Julie Madison attempting to kill a man! He intercedes, saving the man, and takes Julie home telling her to tell Bruce Wayne everything. On hearing the story the next day, Bruce takes Julie to a doctor who prescribes a sea voyage. But Bruce isn't convinced that everything is over, and tails Julie's ocean liner, as the Batman! This issue features the first appearance of the Batarang, and the Batgyro (precursor to the batplane).

    2. Crime Never Pays

    3. Policeman!

    4. Killer's Bait. starring Buck Marshal (Range Detective)

    5. Spy. By Jerry Siegel and Mart Bailey

    6. Larry Steele - Private Detective

    7. Newspaper Nightmare by Paul Dean (text)

    8. The Mammoth Mystery - Speed Saunders, by Fred Guardineer

    9. Bruce Nelson

    10. Cosmo, the phantom of disguise

    11. Slam Bradley


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    Introducing the Batplane and the Batarang! 0

    This issue was co-written by Gardner Fox and Bill Finger, and shows both their influence. Gardner Fox, always known for his science fiction emphasis, gives us two more bat gadgets - the Batplane (actually Batgyro - which is even cooler because it can hover), and the Batarang, "modeled after the Australian Bushman's boomerang". While this was the beginning of the bat gadget trend that would get out of control by the 1960s, way back in the 30s, it was just plain cool. Bill Finger and Bob Kane, for...

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    Detective Review #31 0

    Hypnotizing, werewolf, vampires, a vilain named the Monk, even a great Ape... wow, Batman had to deal with a lot in this one. Still, liked to read it, was good. But, quality took a step beck in this issue, mostly for the quality of image, for some of the chapters. There is a drop of a star for this one, and that's because Batman could not help the fact that every other story were very bad, one star without him....

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