Detective Comics #30

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #30 - The Return of Doctor Death released by DC Comics on August 1939.

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    1. Batman - The Return of Doctor Death
    2. Crime Never Pays

    3. Oscar The Gumshoe

    4. Buck Marshall Range Detective - Finger Of Doom

    5. Spy - The Dictator Of The United States

    6. Larry Steele - The Old Man and The Kid

    7. Shadowed by Frank Thomas (text)

    8. Speed Saunders - The Crossbow Mystery

    9. Bruce Nelson - The Tea Racketeers

    10. Cosmo, The Phantom of Disguise - The Imperial Insurance Swindle

    11. Slam Bradley - The Granville Insane Asylum


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    Batman's first recurring enemy and the first Batmobile appearance 0

    Gardner Fox returns to write "The Return of Doctor Death", the sequel to "The Batman Meets Doctor Death". In so doing, he further expands the Batman mythology. Batman again conceals gas capsules in his utility belt, and, although we've seen him in a car before, for the first time we learn that he has a "specially built high-powered auto", which would seem to indicate that this is the first Batmobile.  Doctor Death, it turns out, escaped his burning home via a trapdoor, but not before he wa...

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    Dr. Death Cheats Death! 0

    This comic contain many historical things. One being that Batman gained a recurring villain with the likes of Dr. Death and two being that this is the first comic that features the use of the Batmobile despite it being unfamiliar to our modern eyes. So let's start with the cover! Very interesting and it totally would've caught my attention with the art and the coloring. I think this may be for the Slam Bradley feature (a character who was the original star of Detective Comics created by the sam...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Detective Review #30 0

    Doctor Death is already back. Batman, once again in detective comics, outsmart his opponents by let them think they are succeeding in their schemes... Quality of images and writtings is improved from the latest, and the other storys where ok. No Crimson avenger this time, guess he wasn't able to compete with the immediate popularity of Batman....

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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