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  1. Speed Saunders and the River Patrol - A Stowaway in Need: Speed's vacation on Long Island Sound is cut short when he discovers a beautiful young stowaway. She's hid there from ne'er-do-well "Spider" Liverman who wants the plans for a typewriter her dead brother invented. When Spider catches up with Speed on the open water, it's swim, sink, and win.
  2. Hope Hazard - The Air Mail Mystery Part 1: Hope Hazard is called in to determine why three plans worth of air-mail has mysteriously disappeared. When she boards the fourth, it has to make an emergency landing in an isolated mountain range, where they discover "the headquarters of Xavier!! - Ruler of the Underworld!!"
  3. Cosmo, The Phantom in Disguise - The Kidnapping of Angus MacDonald: Owner and president of a steamship company, MacDonald is brashly kidnapped in front of his sumptuous home, with no one the wiser... save a little girl playing nearby. Cosmo disguises himself as MacDonald, shows up for a board meeting, and surprises the truth out of conspirator.
  4. Bruce Nelson - The Claws of the Dragon Part 3: WIth the haunting memory of Sigrid's beauty driving him forward, Bruce heads into the House of the Lion only to be stalked by five murderous-looking Chinese.
  5. The Wales Case: It's fifty eyewitnesses to three that says Bell did the deed, only for "Lazy" Smith to come out and proclaim another seed!
  6. Bart Regan, Spy - The Nearly-Weds: Olga Balinoff kidnaps Bart's ex-fiance Sally on her wedding day and demands she give up Bart's name and whereabouts. When the police force think Bart kidnapped her out of jealously, Bart must both clear his name and save his sweetheart.
  7. Buck Marshall, Range Detective - Bullets in the Dark: Buck captures Bull Leary, an outlaw he's been tracking over three states. It turns out Bull's been involved in a cattle thieving operation and when Buck pretends to be him to investigate further, he nearly gets himself shot to death.
  8. Slam Bradley - Slam Delivers the Message: Slam is promised the hefty sum of two hundred dollars if he delivers a sealed envelope. When he arrives at his contact's destination he's immediately pick-pocketed, though Shorty does a little pick-pocketing of his own to return it to Bradley. However, Shorty being Shorty, he loses it again and it's a chase to retrieve the secret message, a chase that ends in a double-cross!

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Detective Review #3 0

Most of the best story do not finish in this Issue, so that's good. However, that doesn't say they are all exciting, especially the one call "Shooting Lesson" who is though to read because in my opinion it's not a real comic. Quality is OK, but it's sometimes hard to see and read some letters in corner page. No super power characters, only detective with their thinking... However, first apparition of a woman detective character in Hope Hazard.Best story: Bruce Nelson...

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