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  1. The Batman Meets Doctor Death - Doctor Karl Hellfern plans to extort money from the wealthy of the world, but realizes that he must first get Batman out of the way. He has his henchmen lay an ambush for Batman, and Batman is shot, but not fatally, and he escapes. Then he comes back for the Doctor! (Fox / Kane)

    The Batman Meets Doctor Death.

    In his study, Doctor death talks to his servant Jabah on his plan on ruling the world.  He knows there is only one thing in his way Batman.  He decides to lure Batman with a personal notice column in the newspaper.  Batman has to go to the General Post Office and ask for a letter addressed to John Jones.  Bruce is given directions to meet at the Beverly Apartments.  Bruce decides to go home and pack Glass Pellets of choking gas.  Batman goes to the location only to be ambushed by two of Doctor Death's goons.  Batman tackles a statue to knock down the killers.  Then he interrogates, he says if they don't tell him he will kill him.  Then Jabah comes out and shoots batman.  Batman throws a gas pellet so he can escape.  Batman goes to the doctor as Bruce Wayne.  Then Doctor Death gives Jabah poison pollen so he can kill John P. Van Smith.  Then Bruce saves John Van Smith by covering his mouth so he can't breath in the pollen.  Bruce then follows Jabah as Batman and follows him to the hideout of Doctor Death.  Batman ambushed Jabah and Doctor Death.  Batman chases Doctor death to his lab.  Doctor death starts a fire and seemingly is killed by it.

  2. Crime Never Pays

  3. The Stamp Detective

  4. The Murder Of Ace Mullins

  5. Colonel Walsh and The Coastal Defense Plans

  6. The McNeal Kidnappers

  7. A Game For Two

  8. The Perfect Crime

  9. ?

  10. ?

  11. ?
    First appearance of Golden Age Doctor Death

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