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  1. Frenchy Blake's Jewel Gang (originally untitled): A string of jewel robberies baffle the police. Working on information from a stool pigeon, The "Bat-Man" ambushes a pair of thieves on a rooftop as they've just completed a job. After dealing with the robbers, he frames himself for the heist. But why?

  2. Jest A Second

  3. Dope Ring

  4. Killing by Proxy

  5. Saboteurs Bob Streamer

  6. The Bagilan Ruby

  7. Human Cargo

  8. The New Orleans Mardi Gras Murder: Part2

  9. The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu: Part 12
  10. The Truxon Hall Fox Hunt
  11. The Whitethorne Inheritance


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Another Good Pre-Code Bat-Man story 0

Batman stories from the 1930s hold up remarkably well largely because he was, then, as now, a crime-and-justice hero that worked for order outside the law - using his wits, skills, threats and even deadly force. In this issue's tale, there's been a $100,000 jewel heist (about $1.5 Million in 2011 dollars) and police have no leads. The "Bat-man", disguising his voice as Commissioner Gordon, extracts information from a stool pigeon about the ring's next job. Arriving at the scene, he tosses one of...

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Batman and the "Jool" Theif 0

Detective Comics #28 is not only the comic with the second appearance of Batman, but also the second review of mine here on Comic Vine. So lets begin! The cover is nothing exciting by today's standards though I do suppose back in 1939 when it was released it would've been because fans of Detective Comics must've loved the cop stories. The art by Fred Guardineer on the cover is great. Now on to the Batman story! So in this story by Bill Finger, Bruce Wayne (aka the Batman!) over hears a young pap...

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Detective Review #28 0

This is another example of why Batman is always the best, he always have a plan and he's always a couple move ahead from anyone else. This chapter, even if quick was good, and I don't care if you saying the plot is predictable, it's batman. The issue bring again difficulties with the writtings, but it's not a big quality problem. Got to give some points to the Slam Bradley chapter.......

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