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Dectective Comics #27 0

By The Angry Comic Book Critic            Ah here we are another Golden Age Classic only this time instead of the the boy scout we get THE DARK KNIGHT! Now this is one of those rare golden age books which I would actually consider buying. Mind you it would have to be in shit condition to be anywhere near my price range cause wow 500 grand is a pretty penny.The most I've every paid for a comic was maybe fifty bucks.           Alright then out of all the costumes Batman has used over the years the...

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The "Bat-Man" Begins 0

Every so often I run into some yahoo that pontificates about how Batman comics are for kids and that the Batman movies are "too dark", and "not in the spirit" of Batman. The accusations are usually leveled at the Christopher Nolan movies, and say, "that's not Batman", all-the-while extolling the virtues of the Adam West TV series or (worse), the Joel Schumacher films.  To which, I respond, no, that's not Batman. One only needs look to the first appearance of Batman - then called The ...

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Detective Comics hit 0

The thing with this issue is that is old and its stories belong to past, but heres the first image of what would be one of the best icons of Comics, so thats why my high score!He saves people, we see he's only human and we see how he dresses and acts... thats definitly something to get us curious....

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Batman Begins 0

The year was 1939! World War 2 was just beginning and over here in America we were creating our heroes. In 1938 in Action Comics #1 creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the famous hero Superman and a new genre was born. Almost a year later Bob Kane and Bill Finger debuted their version of a super hero. He had no powers relaying on his fighting skills, mind, fear, and objects close by. Who is this character? The Batman! In this issue of Detective Comics we get our first look at the Batma...

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