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I'll show you Justice.

This is a good ending to what has been a good story arc, but it hasn’t been as good as Layman and Fabok’s opening story was, but it has been an enjoyable story, but slightly forced and predictable at points. This issue was basically one big action sequence where we got to see a giant showdown between Batman and Batman gone wrong, the Wrath and it’s definitely the best part out of this story arc especially with the part at the start of the issue with the plane chase across Gotham, but the whole issue was overall good, but not totally perfect and not as good as I’d hoped.

The aforementioned fight across Gotham in planes was really good and you don’t often get to see Batman show off his flying skills and it’s an exciting scene, but what really helps is Jason Fabok’s art in this scene which shows a ton of detail and a very realistic look as well, plus in this case Batman’s thinking process works very well.

I do think that the ending of the last issue with Alfred being captured was ruined as Wrath just discarded him when he had just infiltrated into his secret Bunker and hacked into his systems and he just throws him into some railings, COME ON! That’s just to throwaway and considering how ruthless Wrath has been to everybody else, even his own sidekick, but he just lets Bruce Wayne’s butler live when he’s just done that, I mean he did admit he’s done with him, but to simply leave him in his special bunker just felt totally forced. I also think that Bruce should have realised earlier on that the Caldwell body armour that the G.C.P.D have got is dodgy, he’s the world’s greatest Detective he should have at least mentioned to Commissioner Gordon that there was the possibility of it being dodgy. Minor gripe though the amount of editorial notes in this book is ridiculous there are at least two in one panel.

The final hand to hand showdown between the Wrath and Batman was worth the wait though as we (spoiler) see Batman in a high tech suit fighting the Wrath and the intensity of the fight is felt with all the flame effects and every blow looks like it had an effect on the other person. Also the ending was a little cliché as well in two ways. First off it’s that kind of you’re thinking is flawed! You’re wrong all along and the person you’ve been trying to kill actually helped you! Heard that before? Also then there is the old I’m sorry I was wrong about you, you actually have done well for this city, okay I liked the way it was done and I think it was a bit emotional, but I’ve seen that scene played out way too many times before, but it’s better than most. The ending however was really good and the hints for future story arcs make it all the more interesting especially the one page hint at a certain villain that Layman has been hinting at doing more in the past.

Jason Fabok outdoes himself and this maybe the best issue he’s done so far, but I think he’s improving every week, but this issue is a perfect example of how a fight scene should be drawn and also he draws possibly the most realistic version of Batman currently on show in the Bat books and it’s one of my favourite version of Batman of all time. I have already said that the fight across the city was impressive and it is and it is incredibly realistic and dynamic as well as is the fight sequence and the Bat suit looks very realistic and I also love the detail in the backgrounds and the city buildings.

This was a good issue and it was exciting, but I think there were just too many clichés in it and a little too much was forced, but I think the fact that overall this was a satisfactory ending to a decent story arc and also the action was well worth it as was the art, I’m going to give the book a 4 star even though I think it deserves a 3.5, but I can’t give that out.

4 stars

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