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The Right Thing to Do

John Layman brings to us the epic conclusion to the Wrath storyline which so far has been just amazing and I have loved each bit of it.The big showdown between Batman and Wrath comes to us and it looks amazing.There is action,twists and lots of great artwork here.

Jason Fabok seems to be getting Gotham and it's characters so good that he is stealing the show from Layman who currently is writting the best Batman series out there.It's not an easy job but he manages to do it.His style is so cinematic and amazing that you can't take your look from it.The dark tone of the story ties with Fabok's style and all of this becomes one great scene that you can't deny that you love.The chase scene between Batman and Wrath was so well handled that I thought that I was actually watching a movie.

The story doesn't stop from developing and this story shows us that guys with vengeance and money can bring more destruction and chaos than guys that have actual powers.This feels like a big mess and trouble for GCPD and it actually is.Wrath is a bigger threat than anybody thought he was and that is what I love about him and this story.Layman manages to do suspense,drama and cray cray action in one.

There were almost no problems that I managed to see.There was only one little problem that ain't that big but I would have preffered for it to not be there.The big showdown between Batman and Wrath felt just too short and rushed.There were two fights but they all wrapped up pretty fast withing two or maximum three pages.The last battle in front of the Police station should have been longer because the set up was just too big and epic.

I am gald that Layman managed within 12 issues to turn this title from a complete mess to the best Batman connected series that DC can offer us.With this great conclusion I really want to see what is next for the Caped Crusader and this creative team which seems to be bringing up some pretty cool villains that intrigue just too much.

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