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    Gang War Incoming

    Spoilers in this review, look out! I'm reading all the Villain Month issues to give the newer reader perspective to see if these issues really draw in new readers.

    The Good:

    Scarecrow's overall plan is pretty fun to read even if a bit obvious, nice to see him deal with the various other Bat rogues. Riddler's appearance was especially fun for me. It's nice to see Scarecrow try and psychoanalyze everything.

    The Bad:

    This issue is really just set up for some gang war thing I'm probably not going to read and thus not only do I not get hyped here but I get annoyed that this issue doesn't really focus on Scarecrow on a character level. Also the other bat villains while fun to see are kind of shoved in here so that they can join the "right" side for this event. Why is there a giant ventriloquist dummy on one of the buildings and how did Ventriloquist get her hands on it?


    This issue was pretty "meh" to me and not really a good focus story for Scarecrow in my opinion. If you plan on checking out the gang war thing you should check this one out. If you're a fan of Scarecrow you might like this one, but it's not likely to become a favorite any time soon.

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