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  1. Slam Bradley - Skyscraper Death: Slam is accused of the murder of Pete Graves, a steelworker he had been sparring with earlier. When Shorty tails Grave's lawyer, he discovers the truth behind a rackeeteering ring in the area and it's up to Slam to rescue him from being thrown off the Jinx Tower.
  2. Buck Marshall, Range Detective - The Sage City Bank Holdup: The blowing up of a local dam leads Buck to the discovery of a gang lead by Taft, "an honest businessman" and president of the Sage City Bank.
  3. Gumshoe Gus - The Disappearing Duck: Gus is sent to investigate the disappearance of the Beekman's pet duck Gloria, only to find she's flown the coop for a famous Disney duck who makes her breast feathers quiver.
  4. Bret Lawton - The Peruvian Mine Murders Part 2: With the death total now at 8 men, Bret continues his search. When he gets too close to a presumed extinct Incan tribe, he finds himself neck deep in sand, with a face smeared with honey for the jungle ants to feast on.
  5. Room Fifteen: Musical colors rule the day as White and more extend room fifteen's stay.
  6. Bart Regan, Spy - The Balinoff Case Part 2: Bart must crack the mystery of Olga's bronze statue while watching his ex-fiance get married to an old suitor.
  7. Mail-Order Murphy: Humor two-pager about a neophyte detective finding an apple pie.
  8. Mr. Chang - The Narcotic Ring: Chang is called in to investigate a narcotic's ring that has captured two reporters assigned to the story. Fisticuffs and day-saving ensues.
  9. Cosmo, The Phantom in Disguise - The Olive Oil Counterfeiters: Cosmo is called in to investigate a counterfeiting ring that has perplexed the department's top detectives. He cracks the case by disguising himself as an old man and getting a job in the gang.
  10. Bruce Nelson - The Claws of the Red Dragon Part 2: Captured by the Chinamen, Bruce is stuffed into a car and dropped off deep into the country. Making his way back to New York City, he finds the restaurant empty, but follows a real estate lead to Long Island.
  11. Silly Sleuths: A collection of one-panel jokes.

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Most of the drawing are Nice if you consider the year it was printed. Plots are not necessarly predictable, but the resolve is quick and not to much elaborate. It's really a bunch of simple story, but some keeps going on the next issue wich make them intersting. Except for Slam, every detective is or trying to act like gentleman so most of the storys are kind similar. There's no actual big DC names involve, probably because it's in the first printing of the franchise. Still, you will find some e...

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