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Batman vs People Dressed As Clowns (No, Not That Clown) 0

ContinuityWhile not a direct tie in to the larger ongoing Death of the Family story this book definitely seeks to capitalize off of the Jokers return. If you were looking to purchase this book just because you feel it necessary to collect everything Joker related that DC puts out this year I would caution you that this book is 100% not necessary. Nothing that happens in this book will give you any insights into the main story that has engulfed the rest of the bat-universe.StoryConcluding the sto...

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Detective Comics #17 0

The Pursuit of HappinessAs you probably know if you have been following my blog, I've been sick the last couple of days, so sadly, I'm coming to the game late to review this month's 'Tec. Due to the fact that I'm backlogged and a bit fuzzy in the head, this review might not be as detailed as some others. I'll just write what comes to mind, and we'll see what shakes loose from my semi-poisoned mind.John Layman has delivered some excellent stories for his four issues of Detective thus far. I was a...

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Merrymaker! 0

The writing in Detective #17 was quite enjoyable, and the fact that it was only indirectly tied to "Death of the Family." Jason Fabok is an amazing artist, and Jeromy Cox's colors work really well with the tone of the book. Too bad that Merrymaker left as quickly as he came, it seemed like a cool character, or maybe i'm just tired of seeing the Penguin everywhere.Please check my mini-review here: and feedback are always welcome!...

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"...What Would Joker Do?" - Batman 0

Batman Vs. the League of Smiles ends here as Batman begins to stop the chaos that Merrymaker has caused!The GoodJohn Layman does a good job with this Death of the Family side story. While this series does not have the dark tone like Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's BATMAN, Layman finds a way to create a good story then follow through with lots of action. The artwork by Jason Fabok is really amazing. Fabok's art never misses a beat and is not tiresome to look at. As he fully captures the tone of t...

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S(Laugh)ter and Be Merry 0

If you're even the tiniest bit genre savvy, you'll figure out who Merrymaker is within the first few pages, and that's really the only problem with the issue. That, and the fact that Batman takes too long to come to the same conclusion. I might have bought it if it weren't for the fact that he hadn't even CONSIDERED the possibility that Dr. Byron Meredeth had faked his own death. It happens all the damn time in comics, you'd think Batman would at least list that as a hypothesis.Luckily, Layman m...

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Don't Touch Anything Joker Related 0

ReviewWell, it had to happen. A detective book I am just OK with.We know who the Merrymaker is right on the first page, and it doesn't come to that big of a surprise once that answer is in front of you. When you really think about it, the main story of Emporer Penguin really suffered from having to acknowledge the whole Death of the Family stuff. Which is weird, because I don't think that Dark Knight had to address it. Weird. I don't know, I don't buy it anyways.One little thing I noticed was th...

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Detective Comics #17 Rating 0

Cover & Solicit - 4/5Would I pick-up or buy the comic based on the solicit or cover alone?Are the alternate covers appealing?Does the solicit and cover portray what happens in the issue?Do I like the artist's style on the cover?Art, Colors & Inking - 4/5- Weighted DoubleDo I personally like this artist's style?Does the artist stay true to the characters appearance?If there are multiple artists do they blend well and not disturb the reading experience?Does the coloring/inking blend well w...

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