Detective Comics #161

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #161 - The Men Who Died on Time released by DC Comics on July 1950.

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    note: while a bat-cycle is seen on the cover it is not seen in the Batman story within, though the Batmobile and Batplane are.

    1. "THE MEN WHO DIED ON TIME": (Batman) when a man gets a note that he will die at midnight he laughs it off but at the stroke of midnight he dies in a room full of people and he is just the first to get such a note.
    2. "THE HUMAN SUPER WEAPON": (Impossible But True) a man calling himself Mr. Mind claims to have the power of mind over matter.
    3. DAFFY & DOODLE: (humor strip) Doodle tells Daffy he will meet him halfway and forgive half of the 10$ he owes him. Daffy tells him he'll meet him halfway too and forget the other half.
    4. "DIAMOND KEY TO DOOM": (Robotman) Robotman pursues a diamond thief called Slippery Sam into a cave and when Sam throws the diamonds against the cave wall it creates a tone that shuts Robotman down briefly and he has a dream of going back in time to a medieval court.
    5. LITTLE PETE: (humor strip) Pete gets new skates and falls on his butt, exclaiming the sidewalk is hard. then another kid sees Pete on the grass, telling him he can't skate on grass and Pete responds that he knew but it's nice and soft when he falls down.
    6. "A BUSINESSMAN'S BEST FRIEND": (text article) article about the IRS not counting pats as dependents despite how much pet owners spend on them (something that is still true today).
    7. CASEY THE COP: (humor strip) a kid asks Casey if he is a law officer and supposed to protect people. when he seas sure the kid shows him a report card with 2 Ds and 2 Fs and tells him he better come home with him because he's going to need protection.
    8. "TWO DETECTIVES NAMES SMITH": (Pow-Wow Smith) a detective named Bart Smith pursues jewel thieves from an unspecified east coast big city to Red Deer Valley in Wyoming, where he works with Pow-Wow Smith to catch them.

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