Detective Comics #15

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #15 - The Dirt Nap; Love in Bloom released by DC Comics on February 2013.

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    A “DEATH OF THE FAMILY” tie-in!

    What has The Joker done with The Penguin?

    Guest-starring Poison Ivy and Clayface!

    Plus: In the backup story, learn the secret way to make it as a super criminal in Gotham City.

    Poison Ivy is buried alive by a gang of thugs.

    One month earlier Ivy and Clayface marry in Las Vegas and go on a robbery spree afterwards. Now Clayface fights Batman, both looking for Ivy. Batman is confused because he doesn't believe Ivy is really in love with Clayface but he doesn't see how she could have used her tricks on him. Clayface thinks Batman knows where she is. Batman escapes, looking for more clues on her.

    Ogilvy tells the Penguin that Ivy has been buried which makes the Penguin happy. But with the Joker breathing down his neck, he is nervous and tells Ogilvy he has to leave and go to Arkham. He puts him in charge during his absence but Ogilvy seems to have plans of his own.

    Batman finds out that the robbery spree between Ivy and Clayface never happened. He interrupts a fight between Gotham Cops and Clayface to step in and sprays herbicide on Clayface. He tells him that Ivy only deluded him with the help of a special Amazon flower to believe they were a couple so she had someone to protect her. Clayface is devastated and seeks refuge in the sewers.

    Ogilvy digs out Ivy and tells her that he knew she'd survive the burial. He also plans to overtake the Penguin's empire while he is busy with the Joker. He now calls himself Emperor Penguin.

    Backup: Love in Bloom starring Clayface

    A while ago, Clayface sat in Arkham Asylum and one day started receiving messages from Poison Ivy that contained certain flowers and romantic writings. The guards mock him but Clayface aka Basil falls in love with the woman who writes the letters. One day she appears to break him out and the delusion starts. Back in the sewers he crumbles her messages and angrily roams through the streets.

    They meet in a motel and Ivy wants to leave town with him, not realizing her spell has been broken. Clayface attacks her.



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    How to Control Clayface 0

    This was a very poor series, but since John Layman and Jason Fabok became the writing team it has had a new lease of life put into it. They have really made this a decent Batman series again, and I can't thank them enough for that.PlotThis issue sees Poison Ivy buried in the ground, and Clayface, her husband is out looking for her and is willing to go through Batman to find her. Also in this issue, Penguin has to leave and help Joker (see the back story of Batman #14 for what happened), Ogilvy i...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Come on Clayface does have a heart! 0

    This is probably one of the best Batman books around it's not faultless but it is a very enjoyable read I haven't read the previous run but it wasn't very good at all but this is a fun read and John Layman has been doing a great job with the series since he came on.PlotOne month ago Poison Ivy and Clayface get married and the several weeks following they rob banks and destroy cars. In the present Poison Ivy is buried 6 feet underground in a metal container with only 30 minutes of air. Batman fig...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Detective Comics #15 0

    The Dirt NapDetective Comics had a long less than impressive run in DCNU, but the team of Layman (writer) and Fabok (artist) have done a great job of turning the title around. Many have complained the Penguin is an overused character in the DCNU, and though I do not strictly disagree, I have been greatly enjoying this Penguin-centric story. Besides as I have said before, the true villain of the piece is Ogilvy, and the story will rise and fall on how Layman develops his character. Added to all o...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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