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Emperor Penguin.

John Layman writer of one of my favorite books(Chew), and Jay Fabok who drew that fantastic Animal Man story in Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1 take over 'Tec. What could possibly go wrong?


I love Jay Fabok's art, it's very David Finch-y but I think he draws better faces than Finch does. The action scenes and backgrounds are really good.

Story and Script.


This issue just kind of happens. Penguin hires assassins, assassins do nothing. Bruce calls Nightwing, Nightwing does stuff. Assassins returns. End story. The scene with Nightwing felt kind of out of the blue. Also there is a typo when Dick says "Jewelry Store" he says "Jewelry Story", which isn't the only typo I've been seeing in DC books lately.

Now this issue isn't bad at all, it's just kind of irrelevant. Not much happens here, it's kind of a setup issue and it does it's job. It's entertaining, and I like the dialogue. The best scene is the one with Penguin and Ogilvy before the party. That scene is very well done.

The Penguin's motivations are believable as well, and I can see why he's doing what he is. The backup story is very good, very short but well done. Ogilvy seems interesting, and could end up being a pretty cool character.

Overall: I'd say buy it. This book has something it hasn't had in a while; potential. Layman is a great writer and I'm sure this book will end up being great down the line.

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