Detective Comics #0

    Detective Comics » Detective Comics #0 - Choice of Weapons released by DC Comics on October 1994.

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    While Batman is cutting his way through the thugs of Gotham City, he thinks back to his past. He remembers his parents’ murder; his creation of the identity of the Batman; his “acquisition” and redesign of the first Batmobile from Wayne Enterprises; his exploration of the Batcave; his design of the Batarang and the Utility Belt; and his first run-in with the wide variety of villains that make up his rogue’s gallery. In the present, Batman eventually finds the two child hostages he was looking for. He makes short work of the kidnappers, and rescues the children, proving himself Gotham City’s protector.


    • "This issue is dedicated to Neal Pozner."
    • The letter column contains a half page text piece on the death of Neal Pozner.
    • John Wren credited as "pawed shamelessly."
    • Except for Batman all characters have cameo flashback appearances.
    • A Zero Month crossover issue.

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