Detective Cecilia Perez

    Character » Detective Cecilia Perez appears in 6 issues.

    Detective Cecilia Perez was a Police officer of New York City who ended up involved in several of Sleepwalker's cases.

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    Initially asked to investigate Sleepwalker's activities in her native Brooklyn, Cecilia was pleased to note the crime rate was down by 70% following Sleepy's arrival. She was soon forced to work with the Office of Insufficient Evidence who were also interested in the hero. They were government agents who viewed Sleepy as a major threat.
    Cecilia was reluctant to act againsy the guy. But started doubting Sleepy following his association with Lullaby. During the conflict between Sleepy and O.I.E, Cecilia was more interested in tending to the bystanders injured. She soon brought  O.I.E to court , exposing their activities of questionable legality.
    Cecilia was later involved in facing the Mindspawn invasion. It was her idea to call the Avengers for assistance, certain they would do so with minimal loss of life.


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