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The son of research scientist Simon Hunter of Harbortown, New Jersey, teen-ager Jay finds their relative poverty depressing.  Skipping college, he goes to work as a gopher for powerful hood, Max Raven, hoping to make "lots of bread."  However, Raven finds the boy's ambition potentially dangerous and dispatches a thug to kill him.  The assassin tracks Jay to the Hunter laboratory, where both Jay and his father are gunned down.  The scientist survives long enough to feed his dying son a serum he developed, one which heightens every sense and muscle to ultrasharpness. 
The potion causes Jay's fatal wounds to heal, and when he comes to, he vows to avenge his father's murder.  Donning a costume Simon made in the hope that his son would one day serve the law, Jay hunts down Raven and brings him to justice.  Afterward, living off of his father's insurance, he continues to work as the crimefighting




In addition to bestowing super strength, agility and heightened senses, the serum continues to heal all Jay's wounds at extraordinary speed.  In the Destructor's fourth and final adventure, exposure to radiation causes the chemical in Jay's blood to give him the power to fire destructive blasts from his hands.

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