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    Super Criminal Genius who merged with The Doomsday Man .

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    Dr. Kerwin Korman is a criminal genius who is well known in the criminal underworld, supplying various weapons for A.I.M. and Hydra. A.I.M. decides to enlist Dr. Korman and has him build a Psyche-Conditioner and many other weapons. In his Brooklyn Bay laboratory, Dr. Korman creates the Destructor battle suit, which gives him superpowers. He believes that Ms. Marvel’s power comes from some superior technology so he begins to study her and sells his lab to the Scorpion (Mac Gargan).


    Kerwin Korman aka Destructor was created by Gerry Conway and John Buscema in 1977 and first appeared in Ms. Marvel # 1.


    Destructor is sent to capture Ms. Marvel, who is battling the Scorpion, and is knocked out by her. Both are attacked by A.I.M. who is upset by his failure. A.I.M. subjects him to the Psyche-Conditioner, but he escapes to the cave where the long lost Kree Outpost is located. Arriving there, he sees Doomsday Man battling Ms. Marvel but doesn’t attack until she defeats Doomsday Man. While she is unconscious, Destructor finds a small box that, when opened, blinds him. Scared and angry, he blasts the cave and causes a cave-in. Ms. Marvel escapes. The box mutates Korman’s cells to Kree cells and merges his body with the Doomsday Man suit. A.I.M., under Modok leadership, completes the merge with the two using Korman as a living battery.

    He escapes from A.I.M. but is confronted by the Avengers who defeat him and place him in storage until they find a way to release Korman from the robot. A.I.M. retrieves him and also store him, but Korman/Doomsday Man awakes and starts attacking any and all living beings. They release the Targoth, who were transforming others into them, but Ms. Marvel, along with Arana, arrive and fight the Targoth.

    After defeating the Targoth, Ms. Marvel and Arana battle the Korman, who rips away Arana’s carapace. Enraged, Ms. Marvel throws a car at him and rips Korman out of the Doomsday Man, in which he thanks her and passes out.


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