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    One of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series, Destruction is the anthropomorphication of destruction itself. He is the only one of the Endless to abandon his realm and responsibilities and as such often referred to as The Prodigal.

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    Like his siblings, Destruction is neither a living being nor a god. He is the embodiment of destruction itself, the greatest instrument of change, fulfilling his purpose to destroy in order that new things may be created. He is Dream’s immediately younger sibling but in many ways wiser and more aware of the Endless' place in the universe. He is like the big brother of the rest, he stops arguments, comforted those during their change and showered Despair with his affection. While he can appear however he needs to like the rest of his siblings, but is it most often seen as a large, red-haired man. He is the most warm and affectionate of the Endless next to his older sister Death, and the best humored. 
    When Destruction saw the mind of man turn toward science, he foresaw the inevitable use of science as a tool for destruction on a planetary (and perhaps universal) scale. Not wanting to be responsible for such massive devastation, perhaps obliteration, he abandoned his realm and his responsibilities, letting man become the instrument of his own destruction. For many hundreds of years Destruction wandered the globe creating things. He helped construct a cathedral, was a pavement artist, and forged cave painting in Spain. When he was finally found by Dream and Delirium, he seemed to have been living in a one man artist’s colony. Neither wishing to return his responsibilities nor wanting to be further disturbed, Destruction left earth.

    He has stated that the Endless we're not needed and that things can carry on without them. He also said that The Endless had no right to interfere with life and that his siblings are capable of having normal lives.

    While he did not join the rest of the family at Morpheus’ (the first incarnation of Dream) funeral, he did pass through the Dreaming to give some advice to Daniel (the new incarnation of Dream).


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