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    A duck from Duckworld.

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    Destroyer Duck was an anthology comic book written by Steve Gerber, creator of Howard The Duck, with artwork by the late, great Jack Kirby. It was published in 1982 by Eclipse Comics. The comic came about as a way for Steve Gerber to raise funds for a lawsuit he was involved in with Marvel over the ownership of Howard The Duck which Gerber created for Marvel in 1973.

    The main story involved Duke “Destroyer” Duck, who had witnessed his best friend, identified only as “The Little Guy” vanish without a trace. Some time later, TLG reappeared only to expire at Destroyer’s feet— but not before telling him the story of how he was exploited and ruined by a thoughtless giant conglomeration called “Godcorp”. Destroyer swore revenge and vowed to take down Godcorp at all costs. Throughout the story, it's implied that The Little Guy was in fact Howard the Duck (though the character was never seen clearly enough for a positive ID), which made Godcorp the symbolic replacement for Marvel Comics.

    In later Destroyer Duck stories, it was revealed that "The Little Guy" who died was in fact a clone with the original still being held at Godcorp. It turned out The Little Guy's real name was "Leonard", a duck character identical to Howard The Duck in every way aside from his name.

    It should also be noted that the original Destroyer Duck comic contained the first appearance of Sergio Aragonés’ character Groo the Wanderer.

    Specimen Q

    Destroyer Duck eventually was caught by the Godcorp; exploited and sold as a lab animal. Brainard was the one who bought him; he trapped him into stasis armor and designated him as Specimen Q. He sometimes would release Destroyer Duck and experiment on him, that's how destroyer Duck lost his arm, what now is replaced by cybernetics.
    He is discovered in the lab by Sh'rrrnn who has taken a form of Magnolia Steele. Using the knowledge gained from assuming her form she knows that the being in armor is known as Specimen Q. Destroyer Duck shows that he seeks allies to escape from Brainard, he and the alien then team up and save Stryker, Destroyer Duck then disappears. 
    After the escape he travels to New York and found a jackhammer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tried to stop him, thinking he is vandalizing public property. After they tired themselves out, he used the jackhammer on himself, hoping it would release him from the armor, but alas, it did not. He then returned to Brainard's warehouse, only to find it abandoned. There he found clues that Brainard might be in Chicago. He used an old ship left behind by Brainard, and flew there. He met up with Savage Dragon who again mistook his intentions and the two battled. After a very strong punch from Dragon, Destroyer Duck was released from the armor. Dragon then arrested him, for causing all the trouble. In the police station, Destroyer Duck tell Dragon his story, and they opt to join forces against Brainard. They go to Cleveland and crash a freak bar to uncover more about Brainard plans. Coincidently Destroyer Duck finds his friend "The Little Guy" and his redheaded girlfriend in the bar. They then return to Chicago and raid Anomalous American Society group to catch Brainard, but he escapes. "The Little Guy" and his girlfriend go through dye jobs and get new identities courtesy of Chicago witness protection. Destroyer Duck decides to stay in Chicago for a while hoping to hear something about Brainard again.

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