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Destiny's Angels is an eight part Judge Dredd story from 2000ad (progs 281-288)

Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant and illustrated by Carlos Ezquerra. The story is notable for the resurrection of Mean Angel (by the Judge Child) and the eventual deaths of The Fink and the Judge Child.

Owen Krysler (The Judge Child) seeks revenge on Judge Dredd for his exile on the distant planet Xanadu (see the Judge Child epic, progs 156-181). The evil youth uses regeneration elixirs to resurrect his former captor (The Mean Machine) and manipulates events in MC1 to free the eldest Angel Gang member (Mean's brother), Fink Angel.

Mean Machine hijacks a passenger spaceship and returns to Mega-City One while Fink is reunited with Ratty, his beloved Cursed Earth rodent.

Mean and Fink are re-united and raid Dredd's conapt in Rowdy Yates Block, kidnapping the lawman's landlady, Maria (who they mistake for his wife) and faithful droid Walter the Wobot (who Mean destroys with one headbutt, although he's re-assembled later).

Dredd has no choice but to go to the Angel brothere hide-out, to save Maria. In the confrontation that follows, Dredd kills Fink (by knocking him in to his own 'Pa Angel Mark One Super-Scream Torture Machine') and incapacitates Mean Machine (who is arrested and incarcerated).

Realising the threat, Owen Krysler still poses to the city, Dredd sends a Justice Department interstellar craft to dispose of the Judge Child once and for all (by dropping a rather large bomb on him).


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