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    Paul Destine became Destiny when he wore the Helmet of Power which was actually the disguised Serpent Crown. He would clash with Namor on numerous occassions until his death during their final battle.

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    Early in the twentieth century, Paul Destine used the stage name Mentallo and earned a living reading minds as a sideshow act. He wanted to learn more about his powers and did research on a number of books on magic. He learned of a legendary race called the Ancients that mastered telepathy. Destine joined an expedition headed to Antarctica hoping to find the Ancient's civilization. His party found an advanced form of dynamo encased in ice which had been built by the Ancients and Destine wanted the dynamo to increase his telepathic powers. Destine accidently triggered an avalanche and was gravely injured. Destine revived to find the Helmet of Power close by as it apparently was hurled near his body during the avalanche. Destine placed the Helmet of Power on his head and was healed from his injuries. The Helmet also increased his psionic abilities and transformed his body into a larger, physically stronger man. Destine then used one of the Ancient's devices to place himself in suspended animation and allow his powers to increase.

    Character Creation

    Paul Destine was created by Roy Thomas and John Buscema.

    Character Evolution

    Decades later, Destine emerged from suspended animation and called himself Destiny because he believed it was his fate to rule the world. He learned the existence of the Atlantean civilization beneath the Antarctic ice. Destiny then triggered a series of earthquakes that threatened the Atlantean kingdom. Namor went to the surface to investigate and confronted Destiny. Destiny psionically held Namor helpless and used his powers to destroy the Atlantean settlement. Most of the population survived but the Atlantean emperor Thakorr and the princess Fen were killed in the catastrophe. Destiny then gave Namor amnesia and forced him to fly to New York. Namor would spend years living as a derelict, unaware of his true identity until it was restored through the actions of the Human Torch. Destiny would place himself in suspended animation once again to increase his powers further. 

    Destiny emerged from suspended animation and clashed with Namor in Antarctica. During the battle, Namor unintentionally triggered an avalanche and was buried under the ice. Namor freed himself from the ice but Destiny had fled. Destiny made his way back to the United States and became a third party presidential candidate under his true name. He planned to take mental control of everyone who heard his speeches and help him win the election. He would then use the United States military might to conquer the planet once he became President. Destiny planned to enslave a large portion of the population mentally through a live television address. His plan was thwarted when Namor bursted through the television studio and the two engaged in battle. Namor was hurled off the roof of the building to the streets below. Namor survived the impact due to his superhuman strength and this drove Destiny insane. Irrationally claiming he did not need the Helmet, Destiny said he would levitate himself down to the cheering masses of his followers. Destiny jumped off the building and fell to his death.

    Powers and Abilities:
    Paul Destine had some telepathic abilities and could read the minds of people within his close vicinity. When he wore the Helmet of Power then he gained vast superhuman abilities. The Helmet increased his telepathic abilities, provided him superhuman strength and durability and could read minds from a longer range. He also could project visions into the mind of others and place people under his mental domination. He could levitate, fire powerful blasts of psionic energy and perform feats of telekinesis.  

    Destiny derived most of his powers from the Helmet of Power which was actually the disguised Serpent Crown.


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