Destiny Force

    Concept » Destiny Force appears in 35 issues.

    A mysterious and near-infinite power source inherent in all of humanity.

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    The Destiny Force is the name of a mysterious and near-limitless energy source that is said to be inherent in all humanity. It is said to be a powerful energy that is not consciously accessed by human beings and often requires outside activation.

    The Future Foundation surmised that certain individuals touched by different metaphysical abstracts unconsciously tap into the Destiny Force to fuel their own capabilities. Each and every differing empowerment process feeds back into the same source through a multi-axis graph detailing their originator.

    The first, and most well known, use of the Destiny Force was during the Avengers storyline Kree/Skrull War when Avenger Rick Jones tapped into the power and summoned forth images from his imagination and ended the intergalactic conflict. Rick has subsequently used the Destiny Force in the Atlantis Attacks crossover and prominently in Destiny War. It also factored in the early chapters of Operation Galactic Storm.

    The only other human known for being able to tap into the Destiny Force is Leonard Tippit, a one-time Avengers villain.

    The Destiny Force grants users a myriad of abilities such as:

    • Energy Manipulation
    • Matter Manipulation
    • Mind Control
    • Physical Augmentation
    • Probability Manipulation
    • Regeneration
    • Size Manipulation
    • Teleportation


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