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    Dessy, short for Despair, is a Limbo demon enrolled at Strange Academy.

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    Dessy debuted in the first issue of Strange Academy by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos

    Major Story Arcs

    Mister Misery

    When Calvin's classmate, Toth, was found dead one morning, the student body was interviewed by private investigator, Howard the Duck. Howard accounted for everyone's whereabouts, including Calvin, but still connected Calvin by an enamel jacket pin found at the crime scene.

    Calvin was innocent, but his jacket wasn't. It was revealed his jacket was actually Mister Misery, attracted to Calvin's emotional pain as a foster child. Now that he was found out, Misery absorbed Calvin and attacked the student body. Attacking him seemed to make him stronger, so they contemplated starving him to save Calvin. Dessy had a different idea. She overwhelmed Misery with her despair until he was going to burst. Misery freed Calvin and begged for her to stop. So, Dessy ate Misery.


    To lift Calvin Morse’s spirits after his magic jacket turned out to be Mister Misery, the gang decide to take him on a haunted walking tour of a graveyard in New Orleans. There, Zoe Laveau explains her origins and her family lineage, including a pusher of dark magic, named Gaslamp, that she once used to try and enhance her own magic. Calvin, who is now without magic, reaches out to Gaslamp so that he could be magical once again. Unfortunately, Calvin had no way of paying for Gaslamp's magic so Gaslamp turned Calvin into a dealer at the Strange Academy instead. Doctor Voodoo found him out almost immediately and expelled him.

    Once Emily Bright heard this, it was the last straw. She led a student walkout, which Iric joined in. Emily eventually led them to the Dark Dimension, where she thought they could make their new headquarters. As she behaved more and more erratically, some of the other students started regretting their decision to follow her but not Dessy. Dessy followed her into the fight even after Emily made a deal with Dormammu. Their new power upgrades causes Dessy to become even more monstrous than before. When she finally attacked the school, she was confronted by her ex-girlfriend, Zoe Laveau, who put Dessy into the medical ward.

    After the Doyle and Hoggoth absorbed Emily's extra power, forcing her to retreat, the school celebrated the start of the new school year, while Dessy continued to recuperate with Zoe at her bedside.

    Powers and Abilities

    Demon: Dessy is a demon born in despair. She has red skin, goat legs, and devil horns. She can transform into an even more demonic looking form.

    • Perception: Dessy is capable of seeing people's inherent and secret darkness
    • Illusion Casting: Dessy is able to weaponize despair and attack people with their greatest sadness.
    • Consumption: At least once, Dessy unhinged her jaw and ate and contained a magical being.

    Magic: Toth is a magical apprentice and is currently being trained in multiple crafts of magic.


    Doyle's Time Hop

    When Doyle travels to an alternate future, he sees a showdown of adult Strange Academy students over a prophecy where either himself of Emily Bright would destroy the world while the other opposes them. Dessy had sided with Doyle on the villainous side.


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