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Desmond Alexander was created by writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, and artists Mike Choi and Sonia Oback. He first appeared in 2007's X-23: Target X #1.

Major Story Arcs

Target X

After Dr. Sarah Kinney took X-23 on an unsanctioned mission to rescue her niece, Megan, from a vicious child abductor, the Facility assigned Desmond Alexander to keep an eye on Megan and her mother, Deborah Kinney, in case of further insubordination from Sarah. He introduced himself to Debbie and started a relationship with her. Though Debbie liked him, Desmond had a rocky relationship with Debbie's daughter Megan, largely due to the trauma she experienced from her abduction.

After Sarah died while helping X-23 escape the Facility, X-23 came to Debbie's house to live with her, prompting Desmond to contact his superiors to inform them of X-23's presence. He was given a vial of Trigger Scent and ordered to have X-23 kill Debbie and Megan. Spiking Debbie's tea with the scent while Megan and X-23 were out of the house, Desmond's plan went awry when they both came home early and Megan caused him to accidentally spill the tea over himself, causing X-23 to go feral.

Realizing the danger he was in, Desmond called in Facility reinforcements as he tried to escape from X-23, but she was too fast for him and Desmond was brutally killed by his own scheme. Desmond's Facility superior, Kimura, cared little about his death.


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