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The seductive and mysterious Desire, although married to the Dark Man, is also a temptress that entraps men with her charms and seductions. Wife of the Dark Man, she had once tried Odin to not battle her husband. Both her and Dark Man failed to make a victim of Odin however.  Many centuries later, Thor, and his brother Loki and his comrades Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun, otherwise known as the Warriors Three, set out for adventure and challenge. Venturing forth to Nornheim they encounter a fearsome presence in the Dark Man. A mysterious, blue skinned behemoth that challenges the group. Loki ever the instigator worsens the situation by retorting aggressively and it is left to Thor to find resolution. The Dark Man offering the first strike finds Thor punching his head off, but the bodiless head smiles as his headless body functions reconnects the two body parts. Mystified by the demonstration of ability by this stranger, Dark Man asserts his right to strike back but informs Thor that he must met him the Dark Man in his domain. Only Thor and Loki follow on and it is Desire they run into next, Desire well aware of her husbands machinations. She seeks to seduce and make both brothers her victims. Loki flees in terror but Thor stays steady and determined in his challenge to the Dark Man. On his way there Thor passes several of Desire's victims, in the form of huge stone statues, all heroes and adventurers that fall into her trap, and transformed to stone by her kiss.    


Created by Steven Grant, Greg LaRocque and Ricardo Villamonte, the character of Desire first appears in Thor #323.  

Powers and Abilities

Desire had the ability to turn men to stone by kissing them luring them with passion and promises of desires sated. The hallways leading to the Dark Mans private domain are filled with the stone corpses of many heroes and adventurers who have fallen to Desire's influence and powers. Desire also has the ability to fly, and is immune to conventional forms of injury. She be be of an abstract origin.  

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