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DesertWind was a superhero who first appeared in Christian Knight comic books.


DesertWind was created by Christian Knight comics.

Character Evolution

Tony grew up in an abusive home. His father was an alcoholic and when Tony was in junior high school his mother became a Christian. His father abandoned him and his mother. Soon after, he died in a drunk driving accident. He moved with his mother to her home state, Arizona and remarried years later. After many years growing up sorting through his family problems, Tony became a Christian. Tony took a serious interest in running in high school and entered college as one of the fastest teenage track stars in the world. While out preparing for a track and field competition at his college, Tony was suddenly surrounded by a gust of wind. He heard a voice call out his name and, suddenly, a light knocked him unconscious for a few hours. When Tony awoke it was night and he was late for a dinner engagement. Tony ran home in less then a minute. Startled by the speed in which he ran since it's usually a 30 minute run, Tony came to realize his new found power of Super Speed. He went to tell his girlfriend, who was June Silemon. When he arrived at her house, he found June and her family tied up and being robbed by a burglars. Tony sprung into action, moving so fast that the criminals couldn't see him. They were soon captured and arrested. Tony decided to use his gift of super-speed to fight crime and evil as DesertWind.

Current Events

DesertWind sometimes appears in Web-Comics, but is left relatively unknown in the Comic community.

Powers & Abilities

DesertWind has the power to run at tremendous speeds recorded at a maximum of 350mph. He can create wind gusts by vibrating his arms and can phase through walls by vibrating his molecules. DesertWind is always finding creative ways to use his speed powers.


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