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    Iraqi super hero team.

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    Desert Sword was designed to be Iraq's personal superhuman military team led by Sirocco. The original team's roster was Sirocco, Aminedi, the Veil, and Black Raazer, until Iraq forced Arabian Knight onto the team. Arabian Knight however was a double agent working with the Pantheon. Desert Sword's first recorded mission was to prevent the U.S. sanctioned super team Freedom Force from liberating a German scientist named Reinhold Kurtzmann in Kuwait.

    They arrived before Freedom Force and managed to secure Kurtzmann. Achieving their goal they waited for Freedom Force and ambushed them. In the battle that followed Aminedi managed to decapitate Super Sabre and cut off Crimson Commando's right arm before Freedom Force managed to capture Kurtzmann and retreating. Desert Sword managed to recapture the German scientist, but Pyro killed him before he could give the Iraqis nuclear weapon capability. Enraged at their mission's failure the team pressed the assault against the American heroes causing Avalanche and the Crimson Commando to become trapped in a minefield.

    During the skirmish Pyro managed to kill the Veil and Blob was stabbed several times by the Arabian Knight and Black Raazer. Desperate and hurt, Blob turned the tide of the battle and managed to wound Arabian Knight with his own sword. As Avalanche and Crimson Commando lay in the minefield it became apparent that the Commando's condition was getting worse. Finally making a decision Avalanche managed to take the Commando to their designated extraction point and get him to safety, leaving both Blob and Pyro who were later captured by Desert Sword.

    Held as prisoners, Blob and Pyro were forced to serve as bodyguards for Iraq's military elite until Toad came and freed them in order to have them join the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It was later revealed that Aminedi was killed by the Legacy Virus. The Arabian Knight's wounds healed and he went on to battle the U.S. chemically altered soldier codenamed Sandstorm and opposed fellow Pantheon members over an issue of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia. Arabian Knight was later apparently killed by a powerful mutant named Humus Sapien. Black Raazer and Sirocco are the only active members left alive.  


    Desert Sword is a Marvel comics book team, created by Fabian Nicieza and Kirk Jarvinen. They first appear in New Mutants Annual #7, although they remain unidentified until Uncanny X-Men Annual #15, both issues released in 1991. 

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