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    Original Continuity

    Desdemona "Desi" was introduced as a later character in the original Evil Inc continuity serving as a replacement receptionist, taking over Lightning Lady's job. Desi is a dark sorceress and the daughter of a powerful demon. Presented as an entirely incompetent employee incapable of taking basic messages or brewing a cup of coffee, it is frequently suggested by other employees that Desdemona was hired solely for her looks. Initially, Lightning Lady misunderstands Desi's hiring and believes that she is being fired to be replaced by Desi, a younger and more attractive receptionist. Lightning Lady works to sabotage Desi's work as receptionist, which requires very little effort since Desi is generally inept on her own. Ultimately when Lightning Lady learns that she is being replaced because she is being promoted, not fired, Lightning Lady and Desdemona become friends and bond over the shared misfortunes of being a receptionist. Desdemona never learns how to successfully brew a pot of coffee, but does eventually start simply going to a coffee shop before work and purchasing a cup of coffee for her boss that she claims to have brewed herself.

    Desi becomes the focus of attention amongst the in office male employees. Iron Dragon develops an immediate infatuation with her, and when Iron Dragon abandons his former crush upon Miss Match to pursue an interest in Desdemona, Miss Match develops a sense of rejection and fear of growing old and unattractive. Miss Match begins to present herself as a rival for the attention of male employees, despite the fact she had spent several years rebuffing their advances while hiding her secret marriage. Desdemona appears oblivious of this rivalry, and eventually Desi learns of Miss Match's relationship and expresses her own unhappiness at dating life and how much she envies Miss Match having found a single long-term partner. After this exchange, Desi and Miss Match become friends, with Desi never realizing how jealous Miss Match had been.

    Over time, Desdemona begins a stable, long-term relationship with Iron Dragon, beginning to cause the more promiscuous male member of the office staff to abandon his bachelor ways and settle into married life. Iron Dragon appears slightly unsatisfied in the relationship, longing for his womanizing youth. Desi eventually becomes pregnant with Iron Dragon's child, and the two prepare for parenthood.

    Current Continuity

    Following the reboot of Ruby of Ragadoor, Desi is reintroduced as a regular office member. Desi's character went through a radical redesign, being reintroduced as a devil-girl, with horns, a tail, and red skin. Desi is no longer serving as receptionist, and now works as the head of Magic department, in charge of organizing, locating, and selling magic spells, incantations, and artifacts. Desi is still presented as generally being a ditzy character, the least competent of all employees at Evil Inc, but holds higher station this time.

    With both her marriage and pregnancy being erased during the reboot, Desi is returned to her previous state where Iron Dragon had a crush on her. The post-reboot version of Desi appears to be much more casual in her relationship status and less interested in settling down, entertaining Iron Dragon's advances, but also using a demon version of the Tinder app to find random dates and hook-ups. Desi does very little work in her department, and is almost exclusively shown socializing with her co-workers within the office, engaged in personal activities, or shopping.

    While Desi is no longer the receptionist in current continuity, Desi does remain the center of much of the office gossip, demonstrating an overwhelming curiosity into her co-workers' private lives to the point of persuading a demon to spy upon Miss Match so that Desi can learn the details of Miss Match's date. In contrast, Desi assists Miss Match with her plot during the supervillain "Nemmie" awards to help Miss Match in her bid to win Best Villainess, by staging a faux battle where she could defeat someone impersonating Fairmount City's premier superhero, Captain Heroic. Iron Dragon attempts to use a dream broadcasting machine to incept Desi's dreams and cause her to want to date him, but it is employed improperly and as result, Desi is incepted with hundreds of shopping ads from Evil Inc, causing her to go on a wild shopping spree which maxs all credit cards.


    Desi declares during inter-office gossip that she had previously had a fling with the superhero, Wingman, and specifically planned her poorly contrived criminal activities for nights when she knew he was on monitor duty so that he could arrive to stop her and she could attempt to seduce him.

    Despite the fact that Iron Dragon's attempt to incept Desi with a desire to date him fails, shortly thereafter Desi agrees to have a random fling in the bathroom with Iron Dragon in exchange for Iron Dragon assisting Desi with her scheme to help Miss Match win a Nemmie award.

    Desi utilizes a demon version of the Tinder app to have a random fling with an unnamed Deshrouder Demon, seducing him to obtain his assistance in spying on Miss Match's date. In current continuity, Desi shows no interest in any form of long-term relationship, and exclusively moves between singular encounters.


    Desdemona is a demon or devil from the underworld. In Evil Inc continuity, specific types of demons have different powers, and Desi's exact type of demon has yet to be revealed; however, during her exchange with the Deshrouder Demon, the Demon reads Desi's mind and learns of her past and seems shocked at what exactly her demonic nature is, suggesting that it is something outside of the normal. Desi has had cosmetic surgery to reduce her horns and disguise her appearance so that she would not be easily recognizable.

    Desdemona practices some rudimentary black magic, including the use of summoning circles, conjuring of demons, communication across realms, and astral projection. Desi also demonstrates an ability to either control or influence other demons with her kiss.


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