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    Known as the slayer of gods, Desak was once a simple man, but was transformed into a being capable of defeating any god by the Spirit of the Jewel, the Designate.

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    The Godslayer
    The Godslayer

    Desak originates from an unknown world where the inhabitants pray to a god named Kronnitt. Kronnitt orders the holy sacrifice of Desak's beloved daughter, and it was whilst the sacrifice was going on, that a spirit visits Desak and offers him a magical gem, that will rescue his daughter. Desak thinks he is seeing illusions, and he initially refuses. When Kronnitt damns Desak's people, the spirit once again comes back and this time Desak takes the gem. Given great powers by the gem, as well as wielding a mighty sword, axe, dagger and shield, Desak confronts and murders Kronnitt. His path of action cleared, Desak travels from realm to realm and kills numerous gods.

    Whilst on a hunt for two mighty gods called Pennsu and Tae, Desak comes across Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Hercules. Pennsu and Tae try and fail to destroy their own people, as the team of heroes quickly stop them, in which Desak seizes the opportunity to destroy the gods. After a heated argument with Thor, Desak leaves.

    He later appears in New York, ruled by King Thor, and interrupts the fight between Jack Olsen Thor and Grey Gargoyle with the hammer of Thor Girl. After defeating Olsen Thor, he then engages in battle with King Thor, and nearly beats him to the death until Enchantress appears and throws her husband the axe of Executioner, Blood Axe. With it Thor kills Desak.

    Desak is later revived by the spirit of Jewel, and returns on Earth to end King Thor's tyranny. Beating Asgardian defenses with ease, Desak engages into a fight with Magni, Thor's son, and then with Thor himself. After seeing how Odin Force had no effect on Desak, Loki unleashes his final weapon, the Destroyer, by using the life force of Tarene. Desak defeats Destroyer, and then wears the armor on himself. King Thor stops him by throwing his hammer Mjolnir straight into Destroyer's helmet and decapitating Desak.

    However, as King Thor travelled back in time after this and stops the events that led him to become the tyrant of Earth, it is more than likely that Desak is still alive in the 616 universe as his death was one of the events that was reversed by him.


    Desak is a Marvel comics character created by Dan Jurgens and Tom Grummett. The character first appears in Thor Annual #2001.

    Powers and Abilities

    Desak in Destroyer Armor
    Desak in Destroyer Armor

    All of Desak's power comes from a mysterious artifact given to him by the Designate. Through which he becomes incredibly powerful and possesses berserker-like strength. He is strong enough to take on entire armies. His great strength rivals that of Thor with Odin Force. Desak had no problems fighting the Asgardian god of strength and son of Thor, Magni. Desak has power enough to engage the Destroyer armor in battle. He is also extremely durable and possesses the ability to fire laser beams from his eyes. He is usually equipped with a battleaxe and a shield and has shown proficiency with various melee weapons. The jewel that empowers Desak allows him to absorb the power of gods he has not only killed, but also the ones he has fought to some degree.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'6"

    Weight: 450 lbs

    Hair: Reddish Blonde

    Eyes: Orange


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