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    Dervish is a DC Comic's character who was developed in the second incarnation of the Outsiders.

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    Dervish first appearance in the series the Outsiders, (1993 series) #5-11.


    The young woman from Qurac named Nema was in love with a man named Saied, together they were subjects of a process the Quraci government had developed for empowering operatives with metahuman abilities. Saied would become the monster named Manticore and Nema become a speedster and donned the name Dervish. However she would be a reluctant terrorist, she may have been subject to the same process which empowered the Jaculais.

    When Qurac was nuked by Cheshire, she was one of the few members of the Jihadi who escaped, blaming the United States of America government for the attack on her homeland. On board an international flight to America, they found they shared it with the superhuman team of fugitives the Outsiders. Among them Faust was able to become aware of the mystical nature of the Jihadi member. The situation inevitably escalated into a fight while in midair, which the Jihad ultimately lost. Dervish found herself in custody, uncertain what had happened to Saied.

    Finding herself imprisoned in the same place as some of the Outsiders, when a riot gave them the chance to escape, she helped them against some of the super-villains they had to get through, offering to assist them in their mission if they’d help reunite her with her lost love Saied. They were reluctant, but Wylde supported her, and they let her accompany them.

    She helped them fight the vampires who’d framed them, only for Wylde to reveal to her that Saied had apparently died fighting him, falling into one of the plane’s engines. In anguish and feeling betrayed, she left the team swearing vengeance.

    When Kobra's paramour Eve took the rains of the organization after her lovers disappearance she assembled a new incarnation of Strike Force Kobra. This time the operatives were all women with past ties to the Outsiders, all wanting revenge and Dervish joined in. Dervish again would come into conflict with the Outsiders. However the new Strike Force was beaten, some members even killed, and Dervish survived however ended back in prison.

    Dervish had escaped again for minor roles in others’ stories. However since the changes in the DC Universe she has not come back into the continuum.

    Powers and Abilities

    Nema is able to move at very high speeds, she can also create strong air currents by rotating her arms quickly in a directed manner. In combat she’ll usually punch opponents a number of times in quick succession. Although a speedster it has not been stated if she connects to the speed force as other DC Universe speedsters do.


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