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Derek Schiller had an encounter with the siren Venus, who was claiming to be the Olympian Goddess of Love. Profoundly affected by her beauty and charm, Schiller began writing a book about her.


Derek Schiller was created by Jeff Parker and first appeared in Agents of Atlas #5.

Character Evolution

The character of Derek Schiller was used mainly as a source to explain Jeff Parker's retcon to Venus' origin. In the original Agents of Atlas miniseries, it was revealed Venus was in fact a Siren claiming to be the Goddess of Love to hide her past. Schiller was featured in back-up material explaining how past appearances of Venus worked with regards to the retcon and attributed some, for example the appearances of Venus in Champions, to the real Aphrodite. Years later, Parker decided to rectify this, admitting it was a mistake to complicate Venus' publishing history, and through Schiller re-retconned his own retcon and established that all prior appearances, including the Champions appearances, were in fact Venus and her deceit had even fooled the Gods themselves.

Major Story Arcs

Assault on New Olympus

Schiller's book about Venus drew the attention of the real Aphrodite who discovered that her role had been usurped by a pretender. This led to a confrontation between the two.

Powers and Abilities

Derek Schiller has no superhuman powers or abilities. He can write a book.


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