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Derek Rubenstein is the son of David and Jenny Rubenstein. He likes playing video games and baseball.


Derek was created by the writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, and the artist Stephane Roux.

Major Story Arcs

After Ida Rubenstein told Dr. Quinzel that her family no longer visits her, Harley decided to pay them a visit. After dealing with Jenny, she went into Derek's room an destroyed the TV in his room while he was playing games, causing him to cry. She then took off his sock and stuffed it in his mouth. After dealing with David, Derek's father, she threw them into her trunk and left.

Harley then drove to the pier and placed all three at the edge of the pier, before she explained that they had upset Ida, Derek's grandmother. She then hit Derek across the face, causing him to fall off the pier and onto the sand below.


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