Derek Dynamo

    Character » Derek Dynamo appears in 32 issues.

    The son of the genius, Doctor Dynamo, Derek fights off the minions of his nemesis Max Maximus with the help of Wheels and Super Dinosaur!

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    Derek Dynamo doesn't have many friends. But he is a genius, so he created a friend for himself, in the form of Wheels, his robot companion. Derek's father is Doctor Dynamo, who with the help of his partner, Max Maximus, discovered Inner-Earth. Innter-Earth is a place deep below the surface of the Earth where dinosaurs still roam. Dynamo and Maximus also discovered a material in this world, with astounding proprties and limitless applications. They fight over whether the substance should be called Dynore or Maxinite. 
    Maximus discovered a way of genetically enhancing dinosaurs, to make them more intelligent. The first experiment was on a T Rex, a prototype, which succeeded, and became Super Dinosaur. Maximus turned out to be evil and tried to use Super Dinosaur to take over the world. But Derek, his dad and Super Dinosaur came together to defeat Maximus, and Derek and Super Dinosaur became best friends.
    Doctor Dynamo, Derek and Super Dinosaur now fight back dinosaur threats, dinosaur-human hybrids created by Maximus to beat Super Dinosaur and gain control over Dynore/Maxinite resources. However, Doctor Dynamo suffers a condition, where he cannot conctrate for very long and so cannot work as effectively. So Derek must go behind his father's back and finish all his calculations for him, so the government don't realize that their operation is being run by a ten year old boy.


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