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Depth Charge was a member of a group called the Outcasts that lived life outside of society's rule. This group of mercenaries was reckless, crazy and would enjoy a drink and a bar room brawl anytime of the day or night. The other members included Flagstone, Cleft and Puck before he joined Alpha Flight. Puck eventually left the group after Heather Hudson freed him from jail and eventually become a member of Alpha Flight. Cleft attracts the attention of his old friend Puck and Alpha Flight when he goes ballistic in a bar after watching a report on television about Hagon's Bill that enforces the registration of all paranormals residing in Canada. Cleft is confronted by Puck, Northstar and Wildheart when Depth Charge and Flagstone join the party. Wildheart and Puck are knocked to the ground when Depth Charge strikes the ground with tremendous force to create a small seismic wave. Depth Charge goes toe to toe with Puck but is eventually defeated when he gets kicked in the back of the head. Flagstone and Cleft are also defeated and all three men are apprehended and placed into custody.


Depth Charge was created by Simon Furman and Barry Kitson in 1993 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 122.

Powers & Abilities

Depth Charge has superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Depth Charge is formidable in hand-to-hand combat due to some training he received from Puck.

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