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Special Agent Dennis Wells works for the FBI on there more high profile cases.


Dennis Wells was created by Cullen Bunn for his Wolverine Story Arc Rot.

Major Story Arc


For more information see: Rot

Agent Wells is brought in the serial murder case that crossed the country from San Francisco to New York City. The case involved the victims being slashed and their brains removed. The last attack took place in New York City and was witnessed by a young boy who gave the NYPD a sketch. The sketch looked like Wolverine and was the first real lead in the case.

Agent Wells along with Detective Granger and Hicks went to Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where Wolverine was known to teach, but they weren't able to get to get any information out of Kitty Pryde nor Rachel Grey. Their next stop was the office of Melita Garner where they seem to find another dead end, until Welles mentions that fact that the victims brains have been removed. Melita then remembers a name, Dr. Rottwell.

This leads Welles and his team to a back woods town and the Rottwell Estate. There Welles tries to convince Melita to stay behind but she forces the issue and tags along. When Welles and his team get to the estate they are picked off one by one by Dr. Rottwell's family.

Welles is personally ambushed by Nurse Fester and Mrs. Rottwell in the barn. He tries to fight back but Mrs.Rottwell injects him with a drug and he passes out. While unconscious he is rescued by Logan and after burning down the Estate, Logan carries him to safety. That is the last time Welles is seen, but it is assumed that the drugs wore off and he realized what happened between Wolverine and Dr Rot.


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