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Brief History

Denise Waters is a woman from New Orleans whose upbringing was of the religion of Voodoo. Her mother was a priestess and she had no father. Her mother claimed her father was Ogoun Shango, the loa of lightning. Denise hated the religion but was bound to it. She became a street psychic in order to pay the bills. She is the mother of Ellie Waters, who was born autistic. Although her daughter never spoke, she loved her dearly and did all she could to raise her. One night she was trying to sleep when her daughter was abducted by a silvery alien. She reports the abduction the the police and is taken to the hospital for her burns she received when she got to close to the alien. 
Afterward, she is obsessed with finding her daughter. She spends much time in an internet cafe searching for similar disappearances. She eventually gets the help of Lieutenant Elvis Morin. She was taken to a psychiatric ward and refused to speak. It was here that she heard of Stewart Acheron, whose son was also missing. After contacting him, she was released and went to meet him.
At first, Stewart believed she could help him. They traveled to Wales in order to speak with a woman about her missing son. She was written off as a lunatic and soon Stewart stopped believing Denise as well. He gave her plane tickets and thanked her for her help. Denise returned to New Orleans where she ran into Lt. Morin once again. He takes her to the home of Annie Laronde for some Voodoo healing. She eventually accepts the womans help. They return to New Orleans. Late that night, a flash wakes them and there is the Silver Surfer, returning Ellie to her, only know she can speak.
This brought the attention of the US military and Stewart Acheron, who sent a strike force to take Ellie. She attacked them and killed thirteen and they escape. They return to Annie Laronde's house in Houma. It is here that Lt. Morin sees another glimpse of Ellie's power and decides to turn her in to the government. He drugs Denise and Ellie. When Denise awakens, Ellie is gone, only the strange alien sphere she carried remains. Against the advice of Annie, Denise rushes off to find Elvis before the drugs wear off. She passes out and crashes, giving her severe injuries.
The sphere tranports her directly to the Great Ark where her injuries are repaired. Her presence on the ship causes distress in the children who now miss their families. The Silver Surfer goes to speak with her and informs her that she will come with them to Sof and Ellie must be left on Earth to die. This is not an answer Denise is willing to accept. Later, the Silver Surfer tells her that he believes she is the reason he cannot navigate the Great Ark to Sof. She reminds him of Shalla Bal and asks her to release him and allow him to take the ship from Earth. But Denise refuses for she is nothing without her daughter. She is next transported to Marduk along with her daughter and the Silver Surfer. 
It is here that Ellie severs the ties between them and joins with Marduk. Eventually, Ellie uses her power to return the Earth and change reality so that none of these events took place, but with slight changes. Maybe now she can have a happy life with Elvis and Ellie, who remains autistic but seems to remember the events.

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