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    Scénariste belge.

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    Séries principalesdeàRôle
    3 fois dès l'aube2018
    A l'ombre de la gloire2012
    Aire Libre2018
    Alice et Léopold19911995
    Alter ego (Lapière/Renders)2011
    Anguille crue1993
    Bar du vieux Français (Le)19921993
    Chant des anguilles (Le)1996
    Clara (Lapière/Chauzy)19992002
    Clé du mystère (La)20002005
    Comme tout le monde2006
    Convoi (Le) (Lapière/Torrents)2013
    Cœur mangé (Le)1992
    Dernière des salles obscures (La)19961998
    En chemin elle rencontre...2009
    Faux Soir (Le)2021
    Femme accident (La)20082009
    Il était une fois le Mondiale1990
    Impertinence d'un été (L')20092010
    Jerry et Line1988
    Jour où... (Le)2007
    Luna Almaden2005
    Marsupilami - Des histoires courtes par...2018
    Martin Eden2016
    Mauro Caldi19872019
    Michel Vaillant (Edition luxe - Dupuis)2021
    Michel Vaillant - Nouvelle saison20122019
    Mono Jim1987
    Oscar (Lapière/Durieux)20012008
    Page Noire2010
    Peur géante (La)20132016
    Professeur ZD (Le)2016
    Race des seigneurs (La)1995
    Roi louve (Le)2022
    Roi Vert (Le)19941995
    Rose (Vernay/Alibert/Lapière)20172019
    Saison des anguilles (La)1996
    Secrets - Heureuse vie, Heureux combats2014
    Tif et Tondu19931997
    Tour de valse (Le)2004
    Traces de la Grande Guerre2018
    Tuniques Bleues (Les)2016
    Un homme qui passe2020
    Un peu de fumée bleue2000
    Baard en Kale1991
    Michel Vaillant (en portugais - Público/ASA)2014
    Michel Vaillant - Nouvelle saison (en néerlandais)2014
    Michel Vaillant - Nouvelle saison (en portugais)20142021
    Sleutel van het mysterie (De)2005

    Born on August 8, 1958 in Namur, Denis Lapière took a professional interest in comics by managing a specialized bookstore before turning to scriptwriting in 1987 for Éric Maltaite ("Mono Jim" in L'ÉCHO DES SAVANES), Jean -Philippe Stassen ("Bahamas", then "Bull White" at Albin Michel), Michel Constant (the "Mauro Caldi" series at the Mirror, then at Alpen) and Peter Pluut ("Jerry and Line" at Dargaud). With Olivier Wozniak, he launched in 1989 "Alice et Léopold" in SPIROU, then "Charly" with Magda, and ensured with Alain Sikorski the revival of "Tif et Tondu". In 1992, the "Aire Libre" collection welcomed its "Bar du Vieux Français", illustrated by Stassen. He will return there a few years later in the company of Paul Gillon to evoke the story of a film producer crossing the last century in a new diptych, "The Last of the Dark Rooms". Skillfully alternating series for young people and more adult production, he joined forces in the first field with Pierre Bailly and Vincent Mathy to tell the daily adventures of the young "Ludo" and his favorite comic strip hero, "Castar", an astonishing four-handed graphic production. Written for Gilles Mezzomo and the "Repérages" collection, he approaches the thriller with "Luka" and shows his talent as a riddle builder for a more informed audience. For the "Aire Libre" collection, he also wrote the superb "A little blue smoke" illustrated by Pellejero. In 2000, he renewed the "whodunit" genre, still with Alain Sikorski, by signing "The Key to Mystery", a new major detective series "all audiences". And in January 2001, with the complicity of Christian Durieux in drawing, he dynamited the myth of the street kid, with "Oscar", a new series of adventures full of finds and freshness.


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