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    Deneve is a Claymore ranked #15, who is very calm and has partially awakened. She is close friends with Claymore #22 Helen. She is arguably the smartest of the current Claymores after Mira.

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    Origin and Appearance

    Deneve first appearance
    Deneve first appearance

    Deneve first appears in claymore chapter 25 ( the slashers) with Mira and her best friend Helen. She is shown as to be a young woman with short blond hair. She wears the standard Claymore apparel and carries a standard Claymore blade with her sign inscribed on it. when she was young, she had an elder sister who saved her life after their house was attacked by Yuma (demons). After the incident, she lost all her family members and was then shipped off to become a Claymore.

    Later Years

    Twin sword
    Twin sword

    After her first campaign with Mira, Helen and Clare, she was added to the team of Claymores to defend the north against the awakened beings. During this time she meet and became friends with another Claymore named Undine who shared the same background as her. Undine died during the northern war and Deneve took her sword to add to hers as remembrance to her friend. She has fought with both swords ever silence.

    Strengths and Abilities

    Quick regeneration and healing

    because Deneve is a defensive type warrior, she is able to quickly regenerate severed limbs and destroyed organs.


    Since using the twin blade, she has demonstrated instances of strength that originally Undine was known for.


    due to her calmness and realistic thinking, she has proven herself as valuable tactician that has help she and her friends escape sticky situations. Her cleverness in this department is only surpassed by Mira who herself is the foamer number 6 of the organization.

    Super speed

    Just like all claymores, Deneve can use Yuma energy to quicken her movements during combat.


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