Character » Dende appears in 276 issues.

    Dende is was lone survivor of his village on planet Namek. He is now the Guardian of Earth after Kami fuses with Piccolo.

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    Dende is a Namekian from the village of Elder Moori. During the Freeza Saga, Son Gohan and Krillin save him from Dodoria. He gets his power unlocked by Elder Guru, giving him the power to heal. Dende assists the heroes from Earth in calling the Eternal Dragon Porunga in his Namekian tongue. He aids the warriors by healing them during the fight with Freeza, saving them from death and amplifying Vegeta's power. Once Freeza learned of this, he is killed by the tyrant.

    After being revived by Shenron, he lives on New Namek until Son Goku teleports there during the Cell Saga to ask a Namekian to become the new Guardian of the Earth and revive the Dragon Balls. Dende accepts, and continues to serve as the Guardian throughout the rest of the series. He recreates Shenron and improves him, making the dragon able to give two wishes instead of just one.

    Series Voice Acting

    He is voiced in the original Japanese version by Tomiko Suzuki. In the FUNimation dub he is voiced by Laura Bailey as a child, and by Justin Cook as an adult.


    Unlike most Namekians, Dende is not a great warrior. But what Dende lacks in strength and fighting capabilities he was given the power to heal other by Guru before he died.

    Techniques and Abilities

    • Flight - Can fly with the usage of his ki
    • Healing - Can heal others and even restore their attire
    • Magic Materialization - Can create anything from nothing, even the Dragon Balls
    • Super Strength - Can lift 25 tons
    • Godly Ki - Can sense other ki users, especially the gods such as Beerus
    • KI Blast - Can shoot the most basic form of energy projectile
    • Far Seeing Arts - Can see Earth even from other realms
    • Portal Opening - Can open portals between realms.

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