Den Siva

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    Den Siva was a Nagai commander during the Nagai-Tof war. He was an aide to Dark Lady Lumiya and was responsible for the Zeltron Dani's depression since she believed Siva murdered her lover Kiro

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    Den Siva was an advanced agent working for the Nagai. He was placed under Dark Lady Lumiya's command while she was stationed on Kinooine and helped her slaughter an Alliance task force. This event caused Luke Skywaler, the Zeltron Dani, and the Ikalon Kiro to journey to Kinooine to investigate. After Lumiya captured both Luke and Dani and left Kiro for dead, Den Siva became intrigued by the beautiful Zeltron female. Den requested that he interrogate Dani and was granted permission. Den Siva used an analaysis beam to study Dani's Zeltron DNA in the hopes to discover how 4 Zeltrons defeated a task force of Nagai warriors. During the tortues exam Siva became attached bto the Zeltron even though he almost put her into a catatonic state. During one of these exams Siva noticed a fraile flower growing from the crevices of the cell and actually found beauty in it. Nagai are supposed to admire strength, efficency, and durability not fragility and tranquillity. Siva would later put this flower in Dani's cell as a gift for his prized possession. 
    When Kiro came to rescue both Luke and Dani from the Nagai compound Den Siva cut them off at their ship. Kiro and Siva battled a vicous duel whic had Siva shatter Kiro's Rebreather helmet. Kiro then tackled Siva into the water where Siva sliced Kiro's stomach open and let his blood seer to the surface. Dani believed that Siva had killed Kiro and this cemented her hatred of the Nagai people. The Alliance could not mourn Kiro for long as the Nagai-Tof war had started. At this point the Nagai invasion fleet enter Alliance space and aptured Kinooine giving them a foothold in the know galaxy. Siva become obssed with recapturing Sani and would often pine over holograms over her in-between missions. 
    Den Siva was at the war meeting where commander Knife was organizing a strike against the planmet Zeltros and Siva immdieatly voluneteered to lead the mission. Den Siva was able to recapture his beloved Dani along with Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca. The attack was negated however by a similar strike by the Tof who captured the hostages and the Nagai. Den Siva was forced to betray his own people for Dani's life. During the rescue attempt by Luke Skywalker Den Siva assited them by freeing the captives and fighting against the Tof. This attack had the Nagai join forces with the Alliance making Dani put aside her hatred for them. 
    Den Siva emerged as an Alliance agent working with Dani on the front lines of many battles. Many thought Den and Dani were in love though this was untrue from Dani's point of view. They understood one another since Dani came from Zeltros a hedonistic planet and she turned out cold and uncaring while Siva came from Nagai where they are militant and strict while he turned out to be romantic and artistic. Dani still ahted Den for "killing" Kiro, but this didn't stop Siva from making passes at Dani. Dnai and Den Siva participated in the battle of Saijo where the Alliance captured the Tof prince and forced a treaty stopping the war. Dani went home to Zeltors after that and Den Siva's whereabouts are unknown. He may have reutrned with the Nagai. 
    Power and Abilities 
    Nagai are a near human species, meaning Den Siva's phisiology is quite similar to a humans. Siva was a fully trained Nagai commander and a noted tactican. He was skilled in balded weaponry as most Nagai were. He was able to defeatthe Iskalon Kiro in a blade fight when Kiro was a trained Alliance soldier and a noted swordsman, though Kiro's defeat could be contributed to Siva breaking Kiro's rebreather helmet.

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