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Demyx was first seen investigating the Olympus Colliseum Sora commented he wasn't a good fighter  and being a broken record.

During the battle against a huge Heartless army Demyx appeared revealing to us a more opposite nature and he has powerful water abilities(it goes to show that any member of the Organization is powerful/deadly)He the only musician related member because his weapon is called a "sitar" which similar to a guitar but different in tone, method and origin.  

He has seven attacks:

Water dance-creates water duplicates

Water Column-creates water columns in one of three patterns

Water Wall-creates a wall of water and swings sitar at close targets

Water Column dance-Creates water pillars while swinging sitar

Water ball-attack-fires exploding balls of water

Rapid water ball-lobs exploding water balls overhead

Rave- runs up to Sora and lash out with sitar

But, despite of all these attacks Sora, Donald and Goofy worked together to beat Demyx and he is the first Organization member in KH2 to fade into Oblivion.


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