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    A physicist turned villain, who uses his staff to open dimensional rifts and summon monsters of all sorts. He was from the future and brought to fight Thor Corps by Zarko.

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    Gorko was employed by the advertising agency Adcore, and they funded his experiments in interdimensional physics. His superior, Dunbar, secretly sought to use his experiments to learn how to manipulate reality in order to enhance their ability to manipulate the public.

    Gorko was the lover of Ellene, but she could never compete with his obsession with exploring other planes of reality. As he immersed himself ever more deeply in his work, he became increasingly distant from Ellene. One day while working, his employer, Dunbar, noticed a malfunction in his equipment. He was attempting to repair it when a sudden burst of energy was released, mutating Gorko. While he was hospitalized, Ellene convinced Dunbar to continue his work, hoping that they could cure Gorko. As work progressed, they developed the Dimensionizer, but Ellene was lost through a dimensional rift, and Gorko went mad with grief. He blamed Dunbar for his troubles, and Dunbar had him placed in a sanitarium to treat his madness, but Gorko escaped, and became the costumed super-villain Demonstaff.

    Demonstaff was one of several warriors plucked from time by Zarrko the Tomorrow Man and sent to battle the Thor Corps. Demonstaff blasted Dargo, but was then forced to dodge the rampage of Uroc. Demonstaff then vanished in a flash of light.

    Demonstaff summoned a group of primitive men from "the dawn of time" to attack Dargo, to occupy him so that he could pursue a mission of vengeance. He confronted Dunbar at Adcore, forcing him to open the company's vault, from which he stole the Dimensionizer to help him relocate Ellene. When Dargo arrived, having tracked Demonstaff's energy signature, Demonstaff summoned a group of mutates to attack Dargo and cover his escape. As he vanished, Demonstaff disguised his staff's energy signal so Dargo could not track him again.
    Demonstaff observed Dargo from a distance, as he returned to his home, discovering his human form and his wife, Salla. Demonstaff then abducted Salla and left a holofax claiming that Dunbar had sabotaged his work and caused his mutation. The holofax instructed Dargo to find Ellene for him, or he would never see Salla again. When Dargo agreed, Demonstaff sent him into the past, joining with Beta Ray Bill and Thunderstrike in the mission. However, the trio was banished into the past by Kargul, who sought to thwart Demonstaff's true plot, the destruction of all reality.

    Demonstaff appeared in Kargul's imaging pool, taunting him, and then causing the pool to erupt into an  immense waterspout through the portal, flooding his chambers. Afterwards, he confirmed to Salla that he intended to unleash the barrier force between alternate dimensions, causing all realities to collapse on each other. Kargul amassed the forces of Elsewhen in an effort to stop Demonstaff, while Dunbar organized the Sanitation Squad of Adcore for the same purpose. However, Demonstaff confronted Dunbar alone in his office, knocked him out, and dressed him in his costume, so that Kargul's forces and the Sanitation Squad confronted and slew Dunbar instead.

    Salla told Demonstaff that he should try to find a way to be reunited with Ellene, and he realized that he did still loved her. He traveled into the past, to the moment of his transformation, and he attempted to slay Dunbar to prevent his tampering. However, in his haste he missed Dunbar and struck the equipment, causing the very explosion which had mutated him in the first place. Devastated, he returned to his plot of attempting to bring order to the universe by destroying all realities. Using his Dimensionizer against the dimensional barriers, Demonstaff caused Eternity to shudder in pain, and past eras throughout time began to collide with one another.

    Salla tackled Demonstaff in an effort to stop him, but he easily overpowered her. When she revealed she would sacrifice her own life if he would spare Dargo, Demonstaff decided to show her that Dargo would not do the same for her. However, Dargo proved him wrong, surrendering his hammer, returning to human form, replacing Salla as his hostage, and refusing all temptations Demonstaff offered him in place of Salla. Demonstaff then reunited Dargo and Salla, telling them he would kill one of them, but that they must choose which one. However, Thor, Thunderstrike, and Beta Ray Bill then arrived and returned Dargo's hammer. Demonstaff summoned an army of mutates to attack them, but as he was distracted, Beta Ray Bill shattered his Dimensionizer. While this caused the mutates to vanish, it also pushed the dimensional barriers beyond their limit so that the dimensions threatened to collapse upon themselves. The four members of the Thor Corps combined the energies of their enchanted hammers, but the Earth dimension was still at risk to be destroyed.
        Ellene dove through the portal to Demonstaff, forcing him to accept the fact that she had never betrayed him, but that he had pushed her away through his neglect of her. She also revealed that the Dimensionizer had never worked, and that it had been his own power doing the work all along. Realizing that he did still love Ellene, he channeled all of his power, adding it to the power of the Thor Corps.
    Kargul confronted the now powerless Demonstaff in a trackless void between realms for his actions, which had damaged the multiverse and caused countless "crises on infinite worlds." However, he also showed mercy, reuniting him with Ellene. She pulled his mask off, revealing that he had regained his fully human form, and the two were more than happy to be exiled from all other beings, as long as they could be together.


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