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    After centuries of preparation and training, the Demon Slayer Corps has come face-to-face with their nemesis, Muzan Kibutsuji. It is a desperate battle and several Demon Slayers have already been killed. Tanjiro himself has engaged Muzan, and, despite giving it everything he has, is taken out of the fight! Although severely injured and near death, he sees a vision of his ancestor that may hold the key to finally destroying Muzan! Can Tanjiro recover enough strength to fight Muzan to the finish?

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 188: Sorrowful Love
    • Chapter 189: Reassuring Comrades
    • Chapter 190: One After Another
    • Chapter 191: Which One of Us Is the Demon?
    • Chapter 192: The Wheel of Fate
    • Chapter 193: A Difficult Door Begins To Open
    • Chapter 194: Burn Scars
    • Chapter 195: Bewilderment
    • Chapter 196: I Am

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