Character » Demon-Ock appears in 22 issues.

    Demon-Ock is presumably an alternate Doctor Octopus from the Age of Apocalypse. He opposed the most recent X-Force team when the latter team visited Earth-295.

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    Brief History

    He is very insect like in appearance. As a member of the Black Legion he was tasked with guarding Gateway from X-force by new Apocalypse Weapon X. He is also guilty of murdering Magneto's and Rogue's infant child Charles, he ate his intestines and forced Erick to see the entire process. He enjoys with people suffering and delights to enrapture inocence from his victims, besides he has some relation with Mephisto as a demon.

    He reapears as the new leader of the legion after Blob was killed in Earth 616 and he is shown to be killed or either just burned by Age of Apocalypse Jean Grey.


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