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There are some interesting parallels between this series and Justice League thus far.  Whereas justice League has been basically been one long action sequence, this series has taken some time to develop the characters a bit more profoundly.  Thus in comparison whereas Justice League has been all-action (and relied on the reader's previous knowledge of these characters) this series didn't have that luxury but in its buildup has actually managed to make a more enjoyable battle sequence than the one there.  So each of the individual actions of the characters here - between Exoristos' sacrifice to Etrigan's intervention to Madame Xanadu's moral dilemma -  all give a bit more weight to the overall battle sequence.  In the background are the other new characters which have also been introduced and which share a certain amount of interest overall as well.  With a build up like this, the creative team better have something spectacular planned for the finale, but they have mostly not let anyone down thus far so that is entirely possible.

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