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The meeting: Destiny or Failure?

I was so bummed that Paul Cornell was sacked out of this series, but I decided to give Roberto Venditti a shot and despite this new arc story involvement with vampires, it was quite a good first issue from the new writer. Venditti managed to continue Cornell's depict of the most loved characters that no one has ever heard, beginning a new story set 30 years after the conclusion of the Battle of Avalon and though the narrative fell from the common ground of everyone getting caught, then receiving a mission, yet, to be accomplished, the whole team must be reunited, it was a great experience to see my beloved characters' passion, bravery, honor (some not) and humor once again, like Horsewoman's terrible and emotional final goodbye (?-read the story, no spoilers here), her rant with Exoristos and "Sir" Ystin, their gathering by a common benefactor, a new mission, even that's about killing vampires. In fact, since it's Cain who's involved, the whole father of vampires, it's much better than a plain vampire story. But the best was reserved for the last pages, where we get to see Vandal Savage torturing a man who cannot speak, who could this man be and why Vandal is showing him his dark and vicious side? Check this all out with the amazing art of Bernard Chang that proved to be a good fit after Diogenes departure from the title. I don't know if Venditti will keep up with the good stories, this is the first issue ever that I've read of him, but I hope he maintains the quality and that this book don't get chopped!

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