Demon Baby

    Character » Demon Baby appears in 6 issues.

    Demon that gives superpowers to those it possesses.

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    The so-called "Demon Baby" was summoned by Lawrence (a man who'd been cast out of the Hand and who was a practitioner of ancient ritualistic rites) in order to give it to Jonathan Powers ( the Jester) for a power boost. When the Jester was defeated by Daredevil, the Demon Baby began possessing various people, inspiring them to violence, and so that it could make its way back to the man who'd summoned it.


    The Demon Baby was created by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev.

    Major Story Arcs


    After the Jester was possessed by the Demon Baby, he attacked a bank in broad daylight and took several hostages. Daredevil came to the rescue and fought the Jester until he suddenly vomited up the Demon Baby due to the pain. The Demon Baby attempted to possess a teenage girl, but Daredevil swatted it away and it escaped to find a new host.
    Attempting to return to Lawrence, the man who'd summoned it, the Demon Baby possessed various innocent people and forced them to commit murder and other atrocious acts.
    Eventually the Demon Baby made its way back to Lawrence and possessed him. In an attempt to gain power over it, Lawrence went to a local church support group, only to find that many of the people attending it where those who'd been indirectly affected by the Demon Baby's horrors. As the people started sharing their stories, they became increasingly curious over the significance of the demonic baby that seemed to be present in many of their stories. The Demon Baby slowly began gaining further influence over Lawrence, causing him to become increasingly abrasive and accosting towards the other people.
    However, when it was revealed that Daredevil was also attending the meeting in order to try and piece together the events of the last few weeks involving the Demon Baby, Lawrence panicked and ran for it. Lawrence grabbed a gun and a sword to defend himself, but when Daredevil confronted him, he began to vomit up the Demon Baby. Before Daredevil could help him unfortunately, Lawrence took his gun and blew his own brains out, killing both himself and the Demon Baby.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Demon Baby was able to possess the bodies of human beings and was able to grant them superhuman strength, endurance, and agility, as well as the ability to fire green energy from their eyes. Once the host body had experienced a certain amount of stress, the Demon Baby would be vomited up and it would immediately seek out a new host. The Demon Baby subtly influenced its victims in order to drive them to become more violent and murderous.

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