Demolition Team

    Team » Demolition Team appears in 29 issues.

    Villain Team that fought Hal Jordan. Members included team leader Rosie, Hardhat, Jackhammer, Scoopshovel and Steamroller.

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    The Demolition Team was hired by Congressman Jason Bloch to destroy the Los Angeles branch of Ferris Aircraft. Their state-of-the-art tech was supplied by the Monitor and the employees of Ferris Aircraft were virtually defenseless. The Predator arrived and single handedly defeated the team. The team went to jail soon after the battle.

    The Demolition Team went to Germany to attack a nuclear power plant with new updated tech and ran into the upstart team The Blood Pack. Hardhat was seen in Opal City committing crimes.

    Rosie, along with other scientific geniuses and cybernetic beings made up Enginehead. The others were Automan, Brainstorm, Doctor Cyber, Ford, and Emil Hamilton. Their respective personalities were later returned to them shortly after Engine Head was separated.

    Most of The Demolition Team met their fate against OMACS, but Hardhat was seen alive during The Infinite Crisis.

    Hardhat was seen in Limbo when Superman visited their during the events of Final Crisis.


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