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Demolishor is a monstrous, gyroscopic unicycle of death. IDW comics depicts him as normal excavator, not the gigantic Terex from the film.

For the Decepticon Tank from TF: Armada see



Demolishor was first created by Fun Publications for Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club #8 by writer Dan Khanna and Forest Lee. He was later used in the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) Film where he resembled another Contructicon Scavenger but did not combine into Devastator.

Major Story Arcs

IDW Publishing


On Cybertron the AllSpark Cube created a race of powerful, trans-dimensional beings as the first inhabitants. They had the ability to terraform their world to extract it's power, but it was not limitless, and gradually became depleted. The first beings learned that the AllSpark's power could be replenished by harvesting the energy of stars, but they were unable to locate new stars to suit their purposes, despite being able to travel between dimensions. The Cube then created a new race of workers, who had the ability to change their shape.

Demolishor was among the very first of these new beings, one of several "builders" who would construct a harvester when a suitable sun had been found. Once built, the device would drain the energy of these stars, and replenish the AllSpark. Demolishor eventually joined Megatron during the War on Cybertron.

Tales of the Fallen

During the war, Demolishor was used as a shock trooper, sowing terror accross settlements of displaced Autobots. At one of his massacres there was a single survivor, the Autobot Sideswipe.

Demolishor's mission continued when he arrived on Earth, wreaking havoc in human cities. This caught the attention of Sideswipe, whom Demolishor had assumed was already dead. Delighting in the return of his old enemy, the Decepticon led Sideswipe on a destructive chase through Montevideo in Uruguay to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Ultimately he was forced to flee again by the arrival of Optimus Prime and the human-Autobot NEST team.


After his escape, Demolishor was later detected in Shanghai, China, prompting NEST to mobilize once again.

Powers & Weaknesses

Demolishor can use his alt-mode's shovel has magnetic, ionic, electrical, and gas sensors that are invaluable in detecting fuels, materials. He can detect materials in a 500 yard radius. He can also use sonic charges to analyze echoes and can determine with 80% accuracy their composition up to 1.2 miles deep. He carries a missile launcher in vehicular and robot-mode he uses to incinerate his enemies. Demolishor's abilities are diluted by his poor judgement and causes him to squander large amounts of his fuel. He is also prone to overtaxing his power shovel, causing it to break from metal fatigue.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: Constructicon
  • Function: Warrior/Scavenger; Mining & Salvage
  • Alt-Modes: Terex RH400, Excavator, Model 3523 LeTro-Crusher
  • Color Schemes: White/Red (IDW, Film), Black/Purple (TransTech)

Alternate Versions

Fun Publications


General Demolishor
General Demolishor

General Demolishor is a member of the Military Police. Demolishor and Airazor visited the Widow's Cafe on Cybertron in search of a murder suspect. His loud arrival alerted the suspece, Escargon, and Demolishor promptly splattered his cranium all over the cafe, which Crystal Widow demanded payment for. Airazor berated Demolishor for using such extreme methods, stating that now they couldn't interrogate Escargon about the location of "the passes". As he scanned the bar for witnesses, Demolishor recognized the GoBots as machines of interest, and accused them of trading a device found on Escargon for the passes. A brief altercation was ended by Airazor distracting Demolishor with the legal technicalities of arrest.

Airazor later succeeded in convincing Demolishor that, since the GoBots had no sparks, they were technically property belonging to Crystal Widow so long as they were on her premises. Demolishor stormed out of the café in search of Bad Boy and Treds instead. Unfortunately Path Finder contacted the other two and warned them about Demolishor before leaving with Road Ranger.

Demolishor located the other two GoBots and attacked them with extreme force. Bad Boy was knocked out, and when he awoke he found Path Finder and Road Ranger, but Treds and Demolishor were gone. Path Finder called Treds, but Demolishor picked up. Demolishor demanded that they turn over the passes he the GoBots had bought from Escargon.

The Gobotronians arrived at the Heap, a massive field of refuse in the under-levels of Cybertron. After avoiding a few hazards, they freed Treds from Demolishor. Demolishor advanced on the small cyborgs, but was stopped by Crystal Widow who encased Demolishor in an energon lattice. She extended her claw, and used her energon blade to pierce his chest.

Demolishor's Alt-Mode
Demolishor's Alt-Mode

Demolishor blasted Widow. Road Ranger fired Demolishor but exceeded his head capacity and the GoBot's hands exploded. A fierce battle ensued, with both Demolishor and the GoBots receiving damage. As a final valiant effort, Path Finder gathered scrap metal in her arms and engaged her faster-than-light drive, stopping infront of Demolishor and released the scrap, shredding him. Severely wounded, Demolishor still continued. Just as Path Finder was about to be crushed, Cheetor rushed to the rescue.

Another legalities-based conversation ensued that resulted in Demolishor's arrest. In regard to the passes, Demolishor was never authorized to have the passes issued or retrieved. Cheetor and Airazor agreed that it's easier to say the passes were used than to deal with the resulting investigation, so the GoBots were awarded a free ride out of Axiom Nexus.

Other Media


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

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NEST arrived in Shanghai with a cover story from the Chinese government that there was a chemical spill in the area. Major Lennox and his men followed a radiation blip to a construction site where a massive excavator stood. Suddenly, the excavator transformed and revealed itself to be Demolishor. Demolishor smashed his arms on the ground, flinging concrete pipes onto approaching NEST troopers, crushing them, before rolling away. NEST's firepower did little to Demolishor ad he shrugged off their attacks and smashed his way to the nearby freeway. The Autobots were soon deployed to deal with Sideways, leaving NEST with only Ironhide to deal with Devastator. Soon Optimus Prime was air dropped into the battle.

Demolishor rolled along the freeway, crushing cars, destroying barriers and casually tossing nearby cars aside. Optimus soon intercepted him at an overpass and leaped onto his head as the Decepticon reduced the overpass to rubble. Demolishor refused to obey Optimus' demand to stop, forcing Optimus to fire his Ion blaster into Demolishor's head, soon followed by Ironhide jumping on and shooting out his massive tires. The crippled Decepticon crashed into a warehouse district and was helpless as Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and the rest of the NEST soldiers advanced.

Optimus inquired if there were any last words he wished to convey. In defiance, Demolishor declared with his dying breath that Earth was not their planet to rule, and that The Fallen would rise again. Optimus Prime disagreed, shot him through the head and destroyed him.

Video Games

Transformers: Battle for the Matrix (Web)

Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen - The Game


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Autobot campaign

NEST communications in a Shanghai construction site were disrupted by the Decepticons, prompting Optimus Prime to investigate. There, the Autobot leader found Demolishor, a massive, powerful Constructicon who pummeled him with missiles, but was eventually defeated. As he lay dying, the Decepticon said that the Fallen would rise again, and was then executed by Optimus Prime.


Autobot campaign

During the battle in Shanghai, Demolishor obtained the remaining AllSpark fragment, and tried to get out of the city before the Autobots arrived. The Autobots soon arrived and crippled him, forcing him into battle. After a short fight, Demolishor was beaten, but not before he could tell the Autobots that their victory would be short-lived, and the Fallen would rise again. It is unknown how the Decepticons retrieved the AllSpark.

Decepticon campaign

Soundwave ordered Demolishor to obtain the AllSpark fragment from a convoy driving around in Shanghai. He obtained it, but perished during the escape.


Soundwave ordered Demolishor and Sideways to attack a NEST truck, containing an ancient Cybertronian artifact. While Sideways escaped with the artifact, Demolishor held off the Autobots. Optimus Prime ordered Ironhide to take out Demolishor, and after a brief chase, Ironhide knocked him off a bridge. Demolishor hurriedly tried to dig for something in the ground, and when Ironhide approached, he would either be swatted away or he attempted to crush him. Eventually, Ironhide blew up Demolishor's head, neutralizing him.


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